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What does it mean to be "virtual"? - Please join the discussion

Dear VDI members,


I often have discussions with executives and academic colleagues about what it means to be a virtual worker.  This question makes a difference because in order to institute consistent and appropriate policies about flexible or virtual work it's important that the organization have a good handle on what this term actually means.  In addition, in order to comprehensively assess Virtual Distance and manage it well, one must consider all virtual workers.


How would you define a virtual worker?  Who is and is not included under this definition?  Do you believe your organizational policies are clearly articulated when it comes to virtual work?


Look forward to the conversation.


Warm Regards,





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I've always thought of virtual workers as those who work from home or 'out of the office' more than they are ‘in the office’. The policies I've experienced have always been somewhat squishy and tend to work well unless or until management is inconsistent in their support of virtual workers. Inconsistency in management tends to cause little political wars to start to surface. The political wars often forces management to put a policy in place. As we all know, any new policy causes some to abide by it and others to naturally push the limits. Always fun. I'll be anxious to hear what others have found.  

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