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Dr. Karen Sobel Lojeski is a Professor in the Department of Technology and Society in the College of Engineering and Applied Science at Stony Brook iversity. Karen is also the Founder of Virtual Distance International (VDI), an advisory firm helping organizations boost productivity and innovation in the virtual workforce. Karen is a leading expert on the virtual workplace, virtual teams, leadership and innovation. She is the author of two books: “Uniting the Virtual Workforce: Transforming Leadership and Innovation in the Globally Integrated Enterprise”, John Wiley & Sons, 2008 and “Leading the Virtual orkforce: How Great Leaders Transform Organizations in the 21st Century, John Wiley & Sons, 2009 showcasing interviews with executives from Western Union, IBM, Merck, HP, ATT, Alcatel‐Lucent, Crayola and more. Karen is the pioneer who discovered Virtual Distance, a measurable, Digital Age phenomenon that strongly impacts productivity, innovation, project success, job satisfaction, leader effectiveness and more. Karen created the Virtual Distance Index that provides quantitative, tangible, and practical metrics on virtual workforce dynamics. When Virtual Distance is managed properly innovation improves by over 90%, project success increases by over 50% and customer satisfaction also rises by almost 60%. And here’s what executives really need to know: Virtual Distance can be just as high among collocated workers as it is among those who work thousands of miles apart making the need for Virtual Distance management an urgent imperative for growth and competitive advantage. Karen’s research participants, speaking engagement clients and consulting clients include some of the world’s leading organizations including JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Western Union, Pershing, The Financial Services Roundtable/BITS, Genentech, Merck, Boehringer‐Ingelheim, Alcatel‐Lucent, AT&T, Microsoft, HP, J&J, IBM, National Association of Children’ Hospitals and Related Institutions, U.S. Navy, Center for Naval Analysis and more. Karen is a highly sought‐after keynote speaker on the topics of the future of work, the virtual workforce, virtual teams, social media, collaboration, leadership, innovation and their relations and influences upon strategic change. Karen has held leadership positions at Chase Manhattan Bank, N.A., Mercer Consulting Group and Stratus Computer, Inc. Karen was COO of Prolifics, a JYACC company and Vice President of North America for Xansa. Karen holds dual undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. She completed the Chase Manhattan Bank Credit Training program and recently, Karen completed her Ph.D. at Stevens Institute of Technology where her dissertation, “irtual Distance: A New Model for the Study of Virtual Work” won the award for Best Dissertation of 2006. Karen is a Directors Visitor at the Institute of Advanced Study at Princeton, a Collaborator at Stanford University’ MediaX Lab, and a Presidential Fellow at NYU/Polytechnic. Karen is a frequent contributor to various blogs and leads the Virtual Work Forum at CIOZone.com. Her groundbreaking work has been featured in major business publications including Business Week, Forbes.com, The New York Times, Entrepreneur magazine, Chief Learning Officer magazine, several airline publications and more. She has appeared on various television broadcasts including ABC News, Business Week Television, and NJN. Leaders from around the globe are hailing her work. Said Jerry MacArthur Hultin, former Undersecretary of the United States Navy and President of Polytechnic University, “Uniting the Virtual Workforce charts the course for competing in the 21st Century by tapping into the powers of virtual work. Any manager who ignores the virtual workforce is underperforming and any company or organization that does not appreciate virtual work is already at a competitive disadvantage.”


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