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- Leading The Dispersed Workforce - click here to join a discussion forum on this white paper

- When Teams Fail: The Virtual Distance Challenge - click here to join a discussion forum on this white paper

- When Distance Matters, An Overview of Virtual Distance - click here to join a discussion forum on this white paper

- The Role of Virtual Distance in Innovation and Success

- Making Virtual Distance Work in the Digital Age

- The Virtual Workforce: A Shifting Paradigm


- CIO Insight -- why Innovation Doesn't Work in the Virtual Workplace

- Booz Allen Strategy & Business Magazine - When Teams Fail: The Virtual Distance Challenge

- Rearranging the Deck Chairs - INTERVIEW: Karen Lojeski on Virtual Distance

- CIO Insight Magazine -- Cover Story: Measuring Virtual Distance

- Business Week Magazine Podcast - CEO Guide To Technology

- The Collapsing Corporation and Rise of Virtual Distance


- Babson: CIMS Newletter (Center for Information Management Studies at Babson College) December 2008, Summary of Workshop: IT-Enabled Enterprise Collaboration -- Where, When, and Why? Friday, December 19, 2008, Karen Sobel Lojeski "discussed how high Virtual Distance can have a significant impact on performance, innovation, and leadership effectiveness. See pages 2-3.

- King, R. (2008). How Virtual Teams Can Succeed. BusinessWeek. Book Review.

- Shein, E. (2008). Making the Virtual Team Real. Cisco Newsroom.

- Shein, E. (2008). Collaboration Technology Dos and Don’ts. Cisco Newsroom.

- Shein, E. (2008). How Virtual Distance Can Wreak Havoc. Cisco Newsroom.

- Brad Redderson (2008). Global Podcast. Silicon Valley.


Welcome to the Virtual Distance Institute!

We are a community of like-minded executives, managers and individual contributors facing an increasingly significant challenges in the Virtual Workforce.

We act as the hub for those who want to champion best practices on the challenges of Virtual Distance, leadership and innovation in their organizations.

We are a private invite only community looking to leverage one another as advisors.

It's all packaged into a full-featured Social Network we refer to as a Private Online Community with full concierge service delivery.

You won't have to worry about filtering through the personality quizzes and other non-essential info found on public social sites - just focused, relevant advice from your true peers led by the industry expert on Virtual Distance, Dr. Karen Sobel Lojeski.

We look forward to your active participation!

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