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A Lesson From Yahoo

I have so many mixed reactions to the recent leaked Yahoo memo in which the company informed its employees that they could no longer work from…


Added by Karen Sobel Lojeski on March 8, 2016 at 11:30am — 6 Comments

Another Lesson from the Boston Marathon

Last month, after two bombs had exploded at the Boston Marathon, many in the city lost their cell service. This only added to the confusion and chaos, as people weren’t immediately able to reach their loved ones to confirm that they were indeed safe. Tragically, three people were killed and hundreds others injured,…


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Dear Colleagues,

We are in the midst of launching a new website at  Please stand by as the DNS servers "do their thing".  The new site should be stable and available by Thursday, May…


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American Executive Magazine Showcases Virtual Distance

Dear VDI Members,


I hope this message finds you all well.  I thought you might like to see the latest article on Virtual Distance showcased in American Executive Magazine.



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Are formal titles costing us millions?

In a large financial services company located in the NY/Metro area, employees were required to 'punch a clock' every day.  Working away from the office was not allowed - mostly (only in special cases).  Each morning, employees would swipe their card through the turn style mechanism and do the same on their way out.…


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Virtual Distance Beginning to Appear in Pop Culture

Welcome, welcome!  In only one week we already have over 100 members.  What a wonderful and exciting time.

I wanted to share with you an…


Added by Karen Sobel Lojeski on March 20, 2011 at 5:00pm — 7 Comments


Dear Members,


Welcome to the Virtual Distance Institute (VDI). At VDI our mission is to understand what’s different about the way people work and live today.  VDI brings new, fresh and relevant solutions to the table.   Virtual Distance has captured the imagination of executives, managers, and…


Added by Karen Sobel Lojeski on March 13, 2011 at 9:00pm — 7 Comments

Tech Detox Showcased at WSJ

An article appearing in today's WSJ online focuses on "tech detox".  While the piece points humorously to the ever-growing problems of too much technology,…


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Welcome to Virtual Distance Institute

Dear All,

Welcome to the Virtual Distance Institute. Many of you have been asking me over the years to create some sort of online community - one in which we start off with a lot in common, high trust and meaningful research and activities. Well - the time has come. Along with my partner in this venture, Lauren DeLong, Community…


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Welcome to the Virtual Distance Institute!

We are a community of like-minded executives, managers and individual contributors facing an increasingly significant challenges in the Virtual Workforce.

We act as the hub for those who want to champion best practices on the challenges of Virtual Distance, leadership and innovation in their organizations.

We are a private invite only community looking to leverage one another as advisors.

It's all packaged into a full-featured Social Network we refer to as a Private Online Community with full concierge service delivery.

You won't have to worry about filtering through the personality quizzes and other non-essential info found on public social sites - just focused, relevant advice from your true peers led by the industry expert on Virtual Distance, Dr. Karen Sobel Lojeski.

We look forward to your active participation!

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Virtual Distance Institute Community Manager



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