Seeing the World Through "Google-Colored" Glasses

Its not enough that Google has invaded every corner of our world whether we like it or not.  Now the tech company is on target to literally put themselves between you and me, even when we sit side by side.  A new initiative at Google (and I’m assuming other tech giants) will have us wearing glasses that can pump the internet into our retinas in real time as we gaze out at the world through Google’s eyes.  As an aside, the new glasses will be equipped with a camera so that if the wearer so chooses he or she can record your every move without ever having to tell you about it. 


But secret recordings aside, aren’t we already too far removed from our own world, the real world, the natural world?  Its bad enough that when we sit down to eat dinner with others, we keep our phones near and make sure they’re in glancing distance at all times.  We are barely forced to look up, look out and deal with each other in an authentic way.  But soon, we won’t even have that sliver of reality to hang on to.  Just put on your glasses, designed especially for you by Google, Inc., the real world disappears and the virtual world is no longer something we reach for, but something our eyes perceive as our new reality.


If we were trying to engineer a way to snuff out humane behavior, I couldn’t think of a more perfect route.

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